“Charming and unpretentious – Out in the Styx is a homely guesthouse, with the supremely magical Sanctuary Mountain in its backyard”

We like food, real food, real flavour and a real eating experience – no starched table cloths and silverware just solid wood furniture and the kind of food you would cook for friends coming over, not pretentious but a step up from the everyday. We are slow food advocates – meaning the food doesn’t come out of a packet or tin, but is prepared and consumed with pleasure, and with friends, the way it is meant to be. The menu is chosen by Mary, according to whim and weather on the day, and served buffet style so you can have as much as you want. We are fully licensed and smoke-free, with a warm fire in winter and glorious outdoor dining in the summer. We have outlined below just some of the different options available to you when you visit us…

Lunch Menu Sample

– Antipasto Platter
An appetizing selection of meats, homemade spreads, dips, breads, and vegetables to nibble at leisure


– Chicken, Eggplant and Tomato Terrine
– Rosemary Baked Potato Slices
– Carrots with Mustard Seeds and Chilli
– Kitchen Garden Salad
– Lemon – infused Beans
– Bread Rolls


– Caramel, Peach and Pistachio Cake
– Lemon and Ginger Ice-cream
– Tea and Coffee

1 course = $35 per person
2 course = $45 per person
Reservations Only

Dinner Menu Sample


– Antipasto Platter
An appetizing selection of meats, homemade spreads, dips, breads, and vegetables to nibble at leisure


– Leg of Lamb with Spiced Yoghurt Topping
– Pork Slices on Orzo with Pepper Drizzle
– Balsamic flavoured Nectarine Salad
– Roasted Beetroot and Summer Vegetable Salad
– Herbed Potatoes
– Mesclun Salad
– Bread


– Tart of roasted Peaches
– Berry and Green Peppercorn Ice-cream
– Fresh Fruit and Cheese Platter
– Tea and Coffee

Price = $65 per person (incl. tea & coffee)
Reservations Only

Wedding Menu Sample

Considering a wedding menu? The following suggestions will give you something to go on, but we prefer to get together to discuss the type of meal you are wanting and the availability of some foods depends on the season. We make everything ourselves and we try to provide quality rather than quantity. The following is one of our menus that can be added to or deleted as required.

Hors D’ Oeuvres (Passed among guests as they mingle)
– Brie Centred Strawberries
– Cucumber Rounds with Creamed Cheese
– Satay Dips with Crudités
– Smoked Salmon on Rye Bread
– Fresh Asparagus Mini Rolls with Orange Hollandaise


– Lamb with Kumara and Orange Pepper Drizzle
– Barbecue Chicken
– Selection of Salads (choose three)
– Mesclun with Berry Dressing
– Lima Bean with Cumin Coriander Dressing
– Mediterranean Pasta
– East West Black bean
– Warm Potatoes with Fresh Herb Dressing
– Fresh Herb Rolls
– Bulghur with Citrus Flavours

Dessert (Chose Three)
– Strawberry Mille Feuille
– Chocolate Fudge Brownie
– Ambrosia
– Hazelnut Torte
– Brandy Alexander Pie
– Fresh Fruit Platter
– Polenta, Almond and Lemon Cake
– Homemade Ice-cream (oodles of flavours to choose from)
– Platter selection of bite sized cakes, pecan tarts, and meringues

Of course this is only a sample of what we can offer – the possibilities are endless, just ask!